Finding Inner Strength Through The Force

“Use my size to judge me, do you?”

Among the many instructions of Yoda to Luke is “unlearning what you already learned.” Luke complains that his X wing is too large after being tasked to raise it from the swamp. The complaint is frustrating to Yoda. Size does not matter concerning life and the force.

When Yoda says this quote, it’s not funny at all. The way Yoda says the quote is fantastic. You see the truth in it, and you believe Yoda. You can see that Yoda does not make excuses for himself and at the same time he does not want his students to have excuses.

Yoda is small in size. But it is not the size of the fighter that matters, but it is the size the force that they have. In our power, we are all small guys, but we can change this. What we need to do is to stand for the right things, and this would make a difference. Being a Jedi is all about this.


Finding Inner Strength

When one is strong, what does that mean? There are three definitions which are related to a person being strong:

  • Possessing huge power physically
  • You have great power morally and intellectually
  • You have vast resources (This maybe talent or wealth)

A person of strength inner makes use of all the attributes above. A person is considered strong if he is capable of facing all challenges. A person is strong if he has the resources, great mental skills and physically capable. That means the person can withstand all kinds of problems and difficulties.

A strong person implies that he has energy and stamina that is in excess. If such a person faces obstacles and challenges that can deplete his strength, it means he still has enough left to handle more challenges.

Here are some essential things that should be in your mind as you begin to build your inner strength:

  • 1. Being strong is the opposite of being aggressive: People act aggressively as they try to defend themselves. It means if one has a feeling of not being strong enough to solve some difficulties and challenges they will result in violence, and they will be aggressive. Violence and aggression come in as a way of deterring and fending off others. In this way those who feel they are not strong enough to tackle a challenge they use this to avoid confronting the conflict in reality.

    Think of the people that you know as strong individuals. Such people do not have to be aggressive or employ violence. Why do strong people not need to be aggressive and violent?

    It is because they have a feeling that they have the power as well as the skills they can use to deal with a situation and ensure it has an end. Aggressiveness is used by those who want to cover their weakness. It is a way to cover weakness.

  • 2. Physical and mental strength are inseparable: Even if you are the most resilient person psychologically, you can have a mental breakdown if you do not sleep for a few days. Mental and physical strength go hand in hand, and they together form a strong person and vice versa. If you are inactive physically and you are not in good shape, you can sink down.

    According to some recent studies having physical exercise can be a right way of treatment of clinical depression and can improve perspectives of one’s mind. Consider building both mental and physical strength.

  • 3. First, you need to identify natural strengths: Everyone is born with specific skills and capabilities. The best way of building your advantage is by focusing on the particular skills and growing them. For instance, there are those who can run fast, and others can lift great weights while others have great flexibility.
  • 4. It’s not easy to track mental strength: While it is easy to notice a change in physical strength such as muscle toning, it is harder to notice a difference in mental strength. It can just be helpful to take notes. How do you feel when you open your eyes when you wake up? How do people respond to you when you enquire from them?

    There are uncertainties and unpredictability in the two laws of impermanence. When there is an unpredictable life change, there is often a feeling of insecurity, off balance and it may not be clear what matters most and the action you can take at this time. What can we use to offer us support and help us in reclaiming our strength?


Daily Power Practice

If we get empowerment, we can stand up for our needs and feelings. You can practice the following to help you have a feeling of power in different areas of life:

  • Close the eyes and enable your awareness to turn inward to the body sensation and your breathing
  • Deep breathe from the belly for about five minutes until you feel your body is relaxed as well as your mind.
  • Imagine the flow of your breath from the top to the bottom of the feet, and this helps connect the power that is within you.
  • Think of the time that you gave your power away in the last few days.
  • Scan your body from the head top to bottom of your feet and listen to different feelings. Allow all the senses and accept them. Accept all emotions such as fear, anxiety, and anger.

What are you telling yourself?
Now you can ask: “How old is the part that experiences the story?”

Say, “I transform and let go.” You are doing away with the thought; hence it does not have power over you.

Now open the eyes and shake the thought off as you do various body movements to do away with any beliefs that work to disempower.

Now have awareness as you try to connect to the strengths you have and the talents you have been cultivating for many years. Feel the different ways in which you are powerful.

What is your thought now?
As you go on with your activities for the rest of the day, feel the strong and wise person you are.


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